I invite people whose work I’ve edited to make comments about my editing. Here are some recent ones I’ve received:

  • My name is Poonam and I am a registered nurse. I have worked very closely with Ross for the past 5 months while completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science. I find him simply amazing, easy to work with, very approachable and have learnt heaps from his feedback. English is my second language and I had problems with grammar, punctuation, flow, APA referencing, and sentence structure. Ross has checked all my assignments by
    • picking up any errors
    • highlighting any repetition
    • correcting grammar
    • advising in the use of punctuation
    • making suggestions about sentence structure
    • suggested positive changes
    • making my work flow more academically
    • working on my reference list with the use of APA 6

Following the above, my grades went straight up to A and B+ which I am so glad and thankful to Ross. He made my journey towards my post graduate studies very smooth, convenient and cost effective. I highly recommend Ross and praise his hard work. His service is outstanding and, he has a fast turnover [June 2013].

  • Ross is not someone you come across everyday for proofreading. Ross is a true professional and you can completely trust him. He will not only correct grammatical errors but thoroughly review your writing from a reader’s point of view and comment and make suggestions, which is simply priceless. I will definitely ask him to review my work again. He is also reasonable and honest when it comes to fees!! [MBA thesis, April 2013]
  • Ross has really helped me improve my grades. I kept getting low grades due to poor grammar. Ross corrects all the errors in my writing, and now I get my work back after marking with no mention of having any mistakes. I am now able to pass my assignments without worrying about making any grammar mistakes. I would recommend this service if you have any trouble with your writing. He is excellent. [Early Childhood Education]
  • This service is outstanding and has a very fast turnaround. They not only correct your grammar and spelling but also offer alternatives to help make your work flow more academic, this in-turn reducing your stress levels. With their help, I transformed my consistent low C grades into high Bs and A grades. I owe my new-found qualifications and academic degree to this service. A++ [Nursing degree]
  • English is my second language and Ross really helped me improve my grades at tertiary level. I would love to recommend him. Cheers. [Major in Social Work]

16 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. My name is Anna and I would like to thank Ross who did the proofread for my thesis in Master of Applied language studies. Ross’s work was really professional with a very fast turnaround, he corrected the grammatical errors, gave suggestions on the use of words, and made comments on the sentence structure. I found Ross was really easy to work with, he is reliable and honest and you can completely trust him. More importantly, he has the passion to help people. I would highly recommend Ross to those who not only want to receive a fast service but also outstanding and professional work.


  2. I loved working with Ross! I count working with him as part of my English learning. Ross picks up the very tiny mistakes I usually make in my speaking. My English has improved after working with him.
    Plus it’s easy and friendly working with him.
    لازم تجرب السيد روز 🙂 العمل مع السيد روز كان جزء من تحسن لغتي الانكليزية و لفت انتباهي للأخطاء المتكررة في حديثي ايضا… العمل معه جدا جدا سهل و لا يكلف كثيرا 🙂

  3. My name is Ali (from Saudi Arabia); I have done a masters degree in Biological Sciences in New Zealand, which took me two years of study. I have known Mr. Ross since the first year and he helped me a lot with my assignments in the first year; I got a minimum of B+ in every assignment, which he helped me to improve. In the second year I did my thesis and he worked with me from the beginning of the research until the end. I really appreciated his time in checking my mistakes and trying to make the work better.
    I worked with him via email and haven’t had a chance to meet him personally because of distance but I would recommend him to everyone. Why? Because during these two years I can tell you he’s an honest man, working fast, charging reasonably and the most important thing is that the quality of work is perfect.
    I would love to work with him again when I have a chance to study toward my PhD in the future no matter whether it is in New Zealand or anywhere else because we can communicate via email. Thank you, Ross!

    السلام عليكم .. أنا علي من السعودية، طالب ماجستير في تخصص العلوم البيولوجية، عرفت الاستاذ روس من سنتين تقريبا مع بداية دراستي في الجامعة، كأي طالب أجنبي يحتاج الطالب الى استاذ لقراءة وتعديل وتطوير الأبحاث المكتوبة، ولحسن حظي وجدت موقع الاستاذ روس وراسلته وكان متساعد معي كثيرا خلال هالسنتين وخصوصا خلال سنة البحث الأخيرة حيث كنا نعمل بصورة شبه يومية ولله الحمد أنهيت البحث بأفضل صورة. لم يسبق لي وأن التقيت بالاستاذ خلال السنتين بسبب المسافة لوجودي في مدينة هاميلتون لكن العمل كان يسير بشكل أكثر من ممتاز عن طريق المراسلة عبر الايميل. من خلال عملي مع روس في الفترة الماضية أستطيع القول بأنه انسان صادق، ويعمل بجد وسرعة، أدائه ممتاز والأسعار أكثر من معقولة. اذا كنت تبحث عن استاذ انجليزي يعمل على تطوير أبحاثك فأنصحك بتجربة العمل مع الاستاذ روس، فالتجربة خير برهان

  4. Thank you Ross for proofreading my PhD thesis. Ross did a very professional type of work. The proofreading was done perfectly and very fast. His proofreading has a real impact in improving the language level of my thesis. His language advice was very beneficial and he worked efficiently.
    I am pleased to have this work done by him and I would recommend any one to take advantage of his professional and reasonably priced service.
    Majed (PhD in Organic Chemistry)
    اود ان اشكر روز على تدقيقه اللغوي لرساله الدكتوراه وعلى احترافيه عمله ودقته، كان عمله متقن جدا وسريع وكان له اثر في تحسن مستوى رسالتي اللغوي ، انا سعيد جدا بالتعامل معه وانصح اي شخص بالاستفاده من جودة عمله وسعر خدماته المعقول

  5. I am Arash and was doing PhD in coastal oceanography. Ross helped me to improve my thesis writing professionally. He is very quick and accurate. He has gone through all my thesis (around 200 pages) in less than 10 days with a reasonable competitive price. I am very happy to work with him again in the future.

  6. I want to thank Ross for proofreading my PhD thesis in Asian Studies. His service was professional and fast; he could spot the slightest error in the text and made helpful suggestions. I will not hesitate to recommend Ross to my fellow students.

  7. Ross offered his proof reading services for my Masters thesis. I found Ross’s work to be of a high standard and thorough. My work was seamless and error free which was one less thing to worry about when dealing with a thesis. I would recommend Ross to anybody who is looking for an affordable and professional proof reading service.

  8. Ross is a professional proofreader: he is fast and efficient. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

  9. Ross has been a great help for my MA course assignments. I appreciate his
    professional, quick and sincere works, accepting urgent jobs even over
    weekends. I often re-read his corrections after submission, to recognize my
    own weak points and improve skills in academic writing.

  10. Never doubt this gentleman. He has helped me getting my Master Degree. Well DOne! Will use again. Many thanks Ross

    Hi teman-teman, silakan kontak beliau. Cepat, tepat, efisien, harganya pas dan hasilnya bagus. Mantaaaaaaaaab!!!!!! Keren! Saya rekomendasikan!!!!

  11. I highly recommend Ross – he is very professional. Ross thoroughly proofreads all mechanical errors and cleans up all errors. Migrating to New Zealand and having English as a second language was hard especially when I moved to Uni. Ross helped me so much with my grammar; my grades moved from Cs to As remarkably. I totally recommend Ross!!! Thanks, Ross, for all your support.

  12. Hi,
    I would highly recommend Ross’s work. He proofread my honours thesis last year. He was very thorough and corrected all of my grammatical and spelling errors. Ross was also very efficient and I got my 7000 word thesis returned to me within the day. Would definitely use again.

  13. Hi everyone,
    I highly recommend Ross to my colleagues and students for proofreading. I appreciate his professional work! I am not in New Zealand now, but it doesn’t matter where you are, he responds quickly and helps.Thanks Ross for your help!

    Hamiya salamlar!
    Ross ingilis dilində məntləri çox yüksək səviyyədə korrekt edir. Mən onunla işləməyi əməkdaşlarıma ve təlbələrimə tövsiyə edirəm. Men Yeni Zelandiyada deyiləm, amma harda olmağına baxmayaraq, o tez bir zamanda cavab verərək köməklik edir. Təşəkkür edirəm Ross köməkliyinə görə!

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