• My name is Poonam and I am a registered nurse. I have worked very closely with Ross for the past 5 months while completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science. I find him simply amazing, easy to work with, very approachable and have learnt heaps from his feedback. English is my second language and I had problems with grammar, punctuation, flow, APA referencing, and sentence structure. Ross has checked all my assignments by
    • picking up any errors
    • highlighting any repetition
    • correcting grammar
    • advising in the use of punctuation
    • making suggestions about sentence structure
    • suggested positive changes
    • making my work flow more academically
    • working on my reference list with the use of APA 6

Following the above, my grades went straight up to A and B+ which I am so glad and thankful to Ross. He made my journey towards my post graduate studies very smooth, convenient and cost effective. I highly recommend Ross and praise his hard work. His service is outstanding and, he has a fast turnover [June 2013].