About me

Ross Hayden
Ross Hayden

For the past two decades I have edited a wide range of journal articles, academic essays, and books which have been published in New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Subject areas included: medicine, nursing, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, history, education, music, cultural anthropology, and religion (Islam, Christianity).

I’m a native speaker of English from New Zealand, with qualifications in diverse areas – English (MA), chemistry (BSc), and religious studies (MA).

I have worked in educational and technical roles in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. I have also worked full-time as an editor of technical manuals and other publications about consumer and industrial products.

This expert knowledge and experience allows me to provide you with a highly professional, yet personal, editing service.

Let me know what service you require – whether proofreading, editing, or referencing – and I will tailor it to your needs.

Submit your document for proofreading or editing:

Ross Hayden     Contact me: revisedit@gmail.com


Auckland, New Zealand

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