Transition Words and Phrases, and Coordinating Conjunctions

Are you tired of using the same linking words in your essays and assignments?

I recently came across this list of  Transition words and phrases. It will surely give you the variety you are looking for. Here are the main categories of words and phrases, with a selection of examples:

  • Agreement / Addition / Similarity e.g. not only … but also, as a matter of fact, in like manner, in addition
  • Opposition / Limitation / Contradiction e.g. on the other hand, on the contrary, at the same time, in spite of
  • Cause / Condition / Purpose e.g. with this intention, with this in mind, in the hope that, to the end that
  • Examples / Support / Emphasis e.g. certainly, surely, markedly, especially, specifically
  • Effect / Consequence / Result e.g. for this reason, thus, then, hence, consequently
  • Conclusion / Summary / Restatement e.g. in a word, for the most part, in fact, in summary, in conclusion, in brief, to summarise
  • Time / Chronology / Sequence e.g. in the meantime, all of a sudden, immediately, finally, formerly, henceforth
  • Space / Location / Place e.g. adjacent to, opposite to, here, over, beyond, wherever, alongside, among, beneath

Download it out, print it out and keep it in front of you as you write!

Transition words and phrases